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First Aid

A&A Training was accredited with the HSE before they removed the approval process. As experts in the field we are able to deliver which ever course your company requires. This can range from the three day First Aid at Work to the one day emergency first aid course.

Although the principles of first aid remain the same, there will be different elements and focuses depending on the clients. The training for child minders will differ than those for security staff.

First Aid courses we offer include:

  • 3 day Initial First Aid at Work course
  • 2 day First Aid at Work requalification
  • 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work - tailored to each organisation's needs
  • Half day yearly update
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid

Example learning outcomes for the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work:

  • To understand the role of the first aider
  • To understand and practice Basic Life Support
  • To understand the management of choking
  • To have the knowledge to identify and manage medical emergencies as a first responder
  • Instructor ratio 1:8

Should you require training please contact us by calling 01634 717703 or via email.

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