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Conflict Resolution - England Scotland Northern Ireland - UKCSTF v1.2

The learner will:

  • identify the main areas of work and the objectives of NHS Protect
  • explain the role of the Security Management Director, Local Security Management Specialist and Area Security Management Specialist
  • describe the common causes of conflict and identify the different stages of conflict
  • learn from their own experience of conflict situations to develop strategies to reduce the opportunity for conflict in the future
  • describe two forms of communication
  • indicate the level of emphasis that can be placed on verbal and non-verbal communication during a conflict situation
  • underline the impact that cultural differences may have in relation to communication
  • identify the causes of communication break down and the importance to create conditions for communication to succeed
  • utilise three communication models that would assist them in dealing with different levels of conflict
  • recognise the behavioural pattern of individuals during conflict
  • recognise the warning and danger signals displayed by individuals during a conflict situation including the signs that may indicate the possibility of physical attack
  • identify the procedural and environmental factors affecting conflict situations and recognise their importance in decision making
  • underline the importance of keeping a safe distance in conflict situations
  • summarise the methods and actions appropriate for particular conflict situations and that no two situations are same
  • explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ as described in law and its limitations and requirements

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Conflict Resolution - England Scotland Northern Ireland - UKCSTF v1.2

Providing health care services can be challenging and often despite best efforts difficult conflict situations, including risk of violence can arise. Specifically written for all healthcare staff involved in direct patient care or services, this course delivers the National Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (CFSMS) learning outcomes for acute and primary care providers.

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