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Health, Safety and Welfare - UKCSTF v1.2

The learner will:

  • understand the organisation’s commitment to delivering services safely
  • understand the importance of acting in ways that are consistent with legislation, policies and procedures for maintaining own and others’ health and safety
  • know the organisation’s arrangements for consulting with employees on health and safety matters
  • be able to locate the organisation’s health and safety policy and the arrangements for implementing it
  • understand the meaning of hazard, risk and risk assessment
  • be able to recognise common work place hazards including:
    • electricity
    • slips and trips, falls
    • chemicals and substances
    • stress
    • physical and verbal abuse
    • traffic routes
    • VDUs, workstations and the working environment
  • understand how any identified risks might be managed through balanced and appropriate preventive and protective measures
  • understand how they could apply and promote safe working practices specific to their job role
  • know the actions they could take to ensure patient safety
  • understand the importance of reporting health and safety concerns
  • know the reporting processes used and how the organisation uses the information gathered to help manage risks
  • know how to raise health and safety concerns
  • understand individual responsibilities in reporting incidents, ill health and near misses

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Health, Safety & Welfare - UKCSTF v1.2

Specific to the healthcare environment, this course is for all staff, including unpaid and voluntary staff. It will enable candidates to develop a positive health and safety culture where healthy working becomes second nature to everyone.

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