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Moving and Handling Level 2 - UKCSTF v1.2

The learner will:

  • Be able to recognise manual handling risk factors and how injuries can occur
  • Understand employers and employees responsibilities under relevant national Health & Safety legislation including most recent versions of the Manual Handling Operation Regulations
  • Understand their own responsibilities under local organisational policies for Moving and Handling
  • Know where additional advice and information can be sought relating to Moving and Handling issues
  • Be able to use an ergonomic approach to manual handling and other work tasks leading to improved working posture
  • Understand principles of good back care to promote general musculo-skeletal health
  • Understand the principles of safer handling
  • Know the factors to be included in undertaking an ‘on the spot’ risk assessment prior to undertaking a moving and handling activity
  • Understand how the organisation’s uses it risk management processes to inform safe systems of work
  • Be able to choose suitable risk control strategies, resources and support available to facilitate good practice following a risk assessment appropriate to the staff member’s role
  • Know how to provide patients with the best quality care using appropriate, safe and dignified moving and handling strategies
  • Understand normal human movement patterns as a prerequisite to moving and handling people
  • Understand how multidisciplinary team communication and risk assessments ensure the safe handling of patients

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Moving and Handling Level 2 - UKCSTF v1.2

This level is aimed at staff groups whose role involves patient handling activities. This course will use a blended learning approach. The online theory component is first completed. This is followed by principle-based practical work, tailored to the needs of the employees and designed to be relevant to the patients in the clinical setting or workplace where they are employed.

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