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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Topics covered include

  • Background and Principles of the Policy
  • Who Is Vulnerable?
  • What is Abuse?
  • What is the Mental Capacity Act?
  • Where can Abuse Occur?
  • Types of Abuse
  • Predisposing Factors to Abuse
  • Alerts to Financial Abuse
  • Physical Signs
  • Signs of Neglect
  • Social and Emotional Signs
  • Signs of Sexual Abuse
  • Signs of Discriminatory Abuse
  • Signs of Institutional Abuse
  • Who may be the Abuser
  • When the Mental Capacity Act should be Considered
  • What is not Covered by the Act?
  • The 5 Key Principles of the Mental Capacity Act
  • Assessing Capacity
  • The Functional Test of Capacity
  • Best Interests
  • The Use of Restraint
  • Making a Referral
  • Responding to Abuse
  • Referral Process
  • Reporting to the Police
  • Record Keeping

Available Courses

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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 1 - UKCSTF 1.2/03

The health sector can make a positive contribution towards safeguarding those that might be less able to protect themselves from harm, neglect or abuse. Safeguarding adults is delivered at 2 levels. This level is the minimum that all staff, including unpaid and voluntary staff should complete.

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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 2 - UKCSTF v1.2/03

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