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Conflict Resolution (England, Scotland and Northern Island) – UKCSTF aligned

We offer you and your staff the knowledge and skills required to remain in control of any given situation. These courses have proved popular across PCTs, independent hospitals, clinics and mental health institutions. We offer basic courses such as the Management of Conflict and Customer Care, right through to Control & Restraint, Breakaway Techniques and Physical Intervention courses. All training follows best practice and the recommendations of the General Services Association. We provide everything from short refresher courses to 5-day intensive courses. All of our instructors are senior staff who have managed conflict on a day-to-day basis. Give your staff the skills they need to control and manage any situation they are faced with.

Aim: To increase knowledge of causes and outcomes surrounding conflict resolution and the understanding of anger, aggression and violence. To appreciate de-escalating techniques and understand the legal aspects of restraint.

Duration: ½ day course

Ratio: 1 instructor to 8  10 candidates

Learning outcomes:

  • What conflict is, causes and resolutions
  • Causes of anger and aggression and reduction
  • Manage care of aggressive patients/public
  • Awareness of legal aspects
  • Documentation and record keeping

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