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Neonatal Life Support

Aims: To update knowledge and skills in Neonatal Life Support following the current Resuscitation Council, (UK) guidelines and to understand and demonstrate knowledge of assessing a newborn in respiratory arrest and inadequate cardiac output / cardiac arrest.

Duration: ½ day course

Ratio: 1 instructor to 8 candidates

Learning outcomes:

  • Update and reflect on the new Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines
  • Risks in resuscitation of neonates
  • Statistics of cardio respiratory arrest in the UK
  • Tone, breathing, oxygen saturation and heart rate
  • Respiratory arrest and inadequate cardiac output / arrest
  • Management of Recognition and inadequate cardiac output
  • When to and how to summon immediate emergency help
  • Chest compressions and pressure ventilation
  • Use of airway adjuncts
  • When to and performance of Suction
  • Safe management of meconium aspiration
  • Managing pre-term neonates
  • Professional and legal responsibilities
  • Management and recognition of inadequate cardiac output
  • When and how to summon immediate emergency help
  • When and how to perform suction
  • Implications of resuscitation in neonates and the affects upon families and care staff

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