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ALS - Resuscitation Council (UK) Accredited

Who is this course suitable for?
The RC(UK) ALS provider course is designed for healthcare professionals who would be expected to apply the skills taught as part of their clinical duties, or to teach them on a regular basis. Appropriate participants include doctors, paramedics and nurses working in acute care areas (e.g. ED, CCU, ICU, HDU, operating theatres, acute medical admissions units) or on resuscitation / medical emergency / ICU outreach teams. All applicants must hold a professional healthcare qualification or be in training for a professional healthcare qualification. Medical students, nurses and other healthcare providers not covered in the groups above should be encouraged to complete the Immediate Life Support (ILS) course. Those with an interest in resuscitation should then consider attending an ALS provider course, where appropriate. Medical students in their final year of training can be accepted as candidates on an ALS course if this is an established local arrangement.

Location: London, Maidstone, Guildford and Winchester

Duration: This is a 2-day face-to-face course, delivered over a weekend.

Ratio: 2 instructors to 6 candidates

Learning outcomes
The ALS course teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Understand individual role and responsibilities in responding to persons in a clinical emergency situation
  • Be able to recognise and treat the deteriorating patient using the structured ABCDE approach to help prevent a cardiorespiratory arrest
  • Know how to summon immediate emergency help
  • Be able to initiate an appropriate clinical emergency response in accordance with RC (UK) guidelines
  • Deliver Standardised CPR in adults
  • Manage, in an emergency, a cardiac arrest by working with a multidisciplinary team
  • Be aware of how the local  Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Policy is applied within a clinical context

All candidates will be registered on the Learning Management System (LMS) regardless of their chosen course pathway to access course modules, pre-course multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ), course evaluation and post course certificates.

The course programme consists of lectures, workshops, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations (i.e. CASTeach).

Pre-course preparation
The course manual is sent to candidates one month before the course. Candidates are expected to have prepared for the course by reading the manual and submitting their completed pre-course MCQ paper before attending the face-to-face course. Candidates are advised to complete the pre-course MCQ without reference to the manual. Candidates are also given access to e-learning materials on the LMS. Prior competence in CPR is an essential prerequisite to attending the course.

We currently have spaces available on the following courses:

11th & 12th July KIMS Hospital, Maidstone ME14 5FT
15th & 16th August BMI Mount Alvernia, Guildford GU1 3LX
22nd & 23rd August  BMI London Independent, London E1 4NL
19th & 20th September BMI London Independent, London E1 4NL
3rd & 4th October KIMS Hospital, Maidstone ME14 5FT
10th & 11th October BMI Sarum Road, Winchester SO22 5HA
17th & 18th October BMI London Independent, London E1 4NL
14th & 15th November BMI London Independent, London E1 4NL
5th & 6th December BMI London IndependentLondon E1 4NL

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