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2018 Restart a Heart Campaign Launched

London, UK - The fifth annual Restart a Heart campaign is set to unite organisations across the UK and the world as they join together to train as many people as possible in life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

By Perry Sundberg on 25th September, 2018

Study reveals how many hours sleep to get each night for a healthy heart

Getting too much or too little sleep can heighten the risk of cardiovascular disease, study finds.

By Perry Sundberg on 25th September, 2018

Moderate dairy consumption may help heart health

"Drinking three glasses of whole milk a day can help you live longer," reports the Sun.

By Perry Sundberg on 25th September, 2018

Smoking and alcohol affect teenagers' artery health

"Teenagers who drink [alcohol] and smoke even moderate amounts can suffer stiffening arteries by the age of 17, a new study has found," The Daily Telegraph reports.

By Perry Sundberg on 25th September, 2018

Heart health: How to check your heart age, prevent the risk of stroke or heart attack and stay healthy

Do you know how old your heart is? To combat the risk of heart attack and stroke, Public Health England are urging people to take an online test to find out.

By Perry Sundberg on 25th September, 2018
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