The RC (UK) Statement on the NHS Ten Year Plan

The Resuscitation Council (UK) welcomes the NHS Long Term Plan released 7 January 2019. It is great to see such a strong focus on cardiovascular disease, with the plan going much further than its predecessor, the NHS Five Year Forward View, in this regard.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th March, 2019

Heart failure: New drug could halt disease and improve heart function

Heart failure occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump blood effectively. Current treatments can slow or stop the disease getting worse, but they can't regress it. Now, scientists have designed a molecule that could not only curb heart failure but also improve the heart's blood pumping ability.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th March, 2019

Common blood pressure drug may increase cardiac arrest risk

A preliminary study concludes that a drug that doctors commonly prescribe to treat angina and blood pressure might increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th March, 2019

Apple Watch detects irregular heart beat in large U.S. study

(Reuters) - The Apple Watch was able to detect irregular heart pulse rates that could signal the need for further monitoring for a serious heart rhythm problem, according to data from a large study funded by Apple Inc, demonstrating a potential future role for wearable consumer technology in healthcare.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th March, 2019

Too many trips to the lavatory add up to a £4.5bn cost to the economy

Those who make two or more trips to the lavatory in the night are costing the economy £4.5bn a year, research suggests.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th March, 2019
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