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Ibuprofen linked to increased risk of heart attacks

"Taking painkillers for just one week 'raises the risk of a heart attack'," the Daily Mail reports. The report is based on a new analysis that found a link between anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen and heart attack risk.

By Kathrine Dyke on 12th June, 2017

The RC (UK) endorses the GoodSAM app

Good Smartphone Activated Medics  We are very pleased to be supporting GoodSAM; an innovative and powerful app allowing healthcare professionals and laypersons trained in CPR to respond to out-of-hospital emergency situations.  The Resuscitation Council (UK) 2015 Guidelines place an increased emphasis on the impo... continue reading

By Kathrine Dyke on 12th June, 2017

NMC and CNOs launch professionalism guide

Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs), supported by the NMC, come together to set out what professionalism means for nurses and midwives.

By Kathrine Dyke on 12th June, 2017

Fitness to practise statement

The British Medical Association [BMA], Resuscitation Council (UK) [RC (UK)] and Royal College of Nursing [RCN] note the findings of the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Conduct and Competence Committee in January 2017, recorded at: https://www.nmc.org.uk/globalassets/sitedocuments/ftpoutcomes/2017/january-2017/reasons-kendall-cccsh-048388-201701... continue reading

By Kathrine Dyke on 12th June, 2017

iResus returns

A new version of the iResus app released for healthcare professionals.

By Kathrine Dyke on 12th June, 2017
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