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Are you experiencing a post-Christmas cholesterol level 'spike'?

Scientists in Denmark tested the cholesterol levels of more than 25,000 Danes, as part of an ongoing health study, and looked at seasonal variations in the results. They found average levels of total cholesterol were 15% higher in the first week in January, than average levels recorded in May and June. Levels of LDL cholesterol – so-called "bad" cholesterol – rose by 20%.

Like the British, the Danes celebrate Christmas with feasts of rich food. Danish Christmas food includes roast pork, sugar-glazed potatoes and desserts with whipped cream. Danes are also likely to spend much of the Christmas period inside with friends and family (enjoying "hygge" which roughly translates as "inside cosiness"), because the weather is usually cold and wet outside.

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By Perry Sundberg on 24th January, 2019
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