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Revealed: A record 2,431 Londoners rushed to try and save the lives of people suffering cardiac arrest in street

The number of Londoners who try to save the life of a stranger they witness having a cardiac arrest is at record levels, belying the capital’s reputation for a “walk-on-by” culture.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th December, 2018

Could some people benefit from a higher dosage of statins?

"Increasing statin dose could prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes a year," The Daily Telegraph reports.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th December, 2018

More Than 8,200 Women Have Died From Heart Attacks Due To Gender Care Gap

More than 8,200 women in England and Wales could have survived their heart attacks had they simply been given the same quality of treatment as men, according to new research.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th December, 2018

'I was aged 24, and dead for five minutes'

More than 80,000 young people in the UK could be living with undiagnosed heart conditions, the British Heart Foundation has warned. If undetected, the consequences can be fatal.

By Perry Sundberg on 19th December, 2018

Student gives heartfelt thanks to London medics for life-saving heart surgery

A medical student underwent pioneering surgery at a London hospital after the main blood vessel from her heart expanded to twice its normal size.

By Perry Sundberg on 10th December, 2018
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